компания eclipse

Игорь Перелыгин


Yhor Perelyhyn, an obstetrician, M.D. Board Certified. The founder and the head of Genesis Dnepr clinic. A member of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

— Stained-glass windows installed by Eclipse in our clinic are not ordinary ones, they have a secret… When a boy is born in our Maternity Department they are lit by blue light, but when a girl is born they glow with pink. As if a newly born states to the rest of the world: look at me, here I am! The windows permit much light through. The light is so important for operation of our specialists and for well-being of our women in labour. Important is that stained-glass windows do not let the heat out of the building during the cold season. Hence, the window and building structures are of highest quality — windows are energy saving. Owing to these huge stained-glass windows the whole building looks light and weightless.

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